Ultrasonic Leak Test
New dimension of gas bubble detection in a water bath

Detect and localize leaks with an ultrasonic leak tester up to 10–4 mbar · l/s

The ultrasonic leak test is the logical further development of the so-called “bicycle tube” method – you are certainly familiar with it. Your bike has a “flat tire”. Now it is time to remove the defective tube, inflate it, hold it under water and analyze where the air bubbles are coming up. This method comes pretty close to the actual ultrasonic leak test. What is hopefully only rarely necessary with your own bike, happens millions of times every day in industrial series production. An infinite number of products have to be leak tight and are tested using the “bicycle tube” method, for example in the automotive industry (fuel tanks, petrol or brake lines, pump housing, etc.) or in the building sector (gas meters, radiators, water taps, etc.).

By using our ultrasonic leak test, the formerly worker-dependent water bath test becomes an objective semi- or fully automatic ultrasonic leak test system. In addition, it is possible to use ultrasonic leak testing not only to detect a leak, but also to localize it. Furthermore, this can be implemented up to a leakage rate of 10–4 mbar ⋅ l/s. Therefore, the ultrasonic leak test can be used for various components. In addition, this test can be operated universally and can be applied in industrial series production in various sectors.

Your benefits at a glance:

Visualization of ultrasonic gas bubble detection in the water bath

Ultrasonic Leak Test

Ultrasonic leak testing enables precise and reliable detection of gas bubbles in a water bath. This worker-independent and automated process minimizes human error and increases efficiency even with small leak rates.

Areas of application

Due to the strict requirements for the hydrocarbon emission values of fuel tanks, the ultrasonic leak test plays a central role in the quality control of fuel tanks. The specifications are becoming increasingly strict. With the optional ultrasonic gas bubble detection, the leak can not only be detected, but also localized.
Not only do fuel tanks have to be checked and tested for leaks in the automotive sector, but also filler pipes. This can easily be done using ultrasound, even with a combination of fuel tank and filler pipe. Leak testing by means of an ultrasonic leak test is a proven and reliable quality control method.
Not only the automotive industry has special quality requirements for its products, but other industries also manufacture products that place high demands on a corresponding tightness. Among other things, the leak test of hot cylinders (boilers) from the heating, building, water management and energy sectors should be mentioned here.
Unique: leak testing and leak location quickly and reliably using ultrasonic gas bubble detection in a water bath. The integration of a strength and pressure test as an additional quality assurance feature.

Further information on ultrasonic leak testing

Reliable localization and detection of leaks

With ultrasonic leak testing, leaks can not only be detected, but also localized using an optional ultrasonic bubble detection system. This method is more reliable than the worker water bath test (the so-called underwater visual test), as even the smallest air bubbles can be detected and localized by the ultrasonic bubble detection system, which are barely visible to the human eye, if at all.

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