Production lines
Complex products – Innovative solutions

Complex products
The manufacture of complex products often requires the linking of several different devices to a production line. A large number of interfaces and the material flow between the devices must be planned and implemented as efficiently as possible. This claim is achieved through the complete solution from a single source that we can offer you.

Production line for fuel tanks

  • component loading with robot handling
  • robot guided defleshing
  • automatic laser marking
  • automatic weighing
  • post-cooling with robot handling
  • production buffer with robot handling
  • feeding the welding system
  • fuel pump assembly
  • helium leak test with robot handling
  • final fuel tank assembly
  • automatic rack loading / sequencing

Production line SCR tanks

  • two mounting devices
  • final assembly station with camera inspection and test equipment
  • helium leak test with recovery system

Your benefits at a glance:

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