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Green hydrogen as a key element of the energy transition offers a multitude of possibilities and opportunities in the automotive and transport sector as well as in energy storage and sector coupling.

Leak testing in hydrogen technology

Hydrogen is an important part of the energy transition. Electrolysers and fuel cells as well as the storage of green hydrogen will play a decisive role in achieving the climate goals. We already offer innovative and reliable equipment for leak testing of bipolar plates for fuel cells. The leak testing of hydrogen pressure vessels and cryogenic hydrogen tanks is only one part of our product portfolio in hydrogen solutions.

From practice

Helium leak test – Bipolar plate
Technical specifications
  • Effective cycle time: 12 s
  • Capacity: 300 parts / h
  • Test gas: 10% helium / 90% air
  • Leak rate: 4.8 ⋅ 10−5 mbar ⋅ l/s

Semi-automatic leak test of metallic or graphite bipolar plates with and without seals on the bipolar plate.

Areas of application

Fuel cells and the use of hydrogen as an emission-free fuel will play a major role in tomorrow’s mobility. In the passenger car sector, but especially in heavy-duty traffic, in commercial vehicles, in shipping, in the aviation sector, but also in local passenger transport and in special vehicles, the fuel cell drive is a real alternative.
During the development process it is, for example, important to gather some insights to the evacuation behaviour of a cryogenic tank. With our newly developed test device for cryogenic tanks, it is possible to leak test tanks as well as making tests to check the evacuation behaviour.
An important part of the fuel cells are the bipolar plates. It is necessary for the process that the bipolar plates are leak free and no gas can bypass the intended process because of leakages. We have developed a helium leak test to check the bipolar plates.

Explainer video: Bipolar plate leak test

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