Ultrasonic Leak Test

Leak test as well as strength and pressure testing for compressors.

Unique: leak testing and leak location quickly and reliably using ultrasonic gas bubble detection in a water bath. The integration of a strength and pressure test as an additional quality assurance feature.

Ultrasonic leak testing offers several advantages. On the one hand, a leak rate of up to 1 ⋅ 10–4 mbar ⋅ l / s can be detected and, on the other hand, the leak can also be localized. Furthermore, a wide range of compressor variants can be covered with just one leak test system. A special innovation of this semi-automated leak testing solution is the integrated interaction and combination of leak testing and a strength and pressure test.

From practice

Ultrasonic leak testing – compressors
Technical specifications
  • Effective cycle time: 180 seconds
  • Capacity: 20 parts / h
  • Test gas: air
  • Test pressure for pressure test: 225 bar
  • Test pressure for leak test: 150 bar
  • Leakage rate: 1 · 10–4 mbar · l / s
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