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We are live! – Hydrogen Online Workshop 2024

MACEAS will once again be taking part in the Hydrogen Online Workshop in 2024. However, this year it will be a little different. All exhibitors will have the opportunity to present themselves live seven times within 24 hours and hold workshops. Participants can therefore look forward to numerous presentations and workshops on the future topics of hydrogen, fuel cells and electrolysis.

On Wednesday, 06/05/2024, 24 hours non-stop, visitors and participants will have the opportunity to obtain extensive information on the topic of H2.

MACEAS will present itself live three times on June 5th with the topic: “How to ensure leak tightness in hydrogen applications”

Be there live:

09:30h – 10:00h CEST
12:50h – 13:20h CEST
16:10h – 16:40h CEST

Participation is free and you can book your live ticket here: Hydrogen Online Workshop | Get your FREE Live Ticket (hydrogen-online-workshop.com)

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