Helium leak test

Leak test for gearboxes

Detected leakages from gearboxes using helium as a tracer gas

The precise inspection of gearbox housings and mounted gearboxes for leaks is becoming increasingly important. While in the past cast aluminum housings were often tested by using the differential pressure method, today’s test specifications require a more precise leak test procedure. Helium is ideal here because it enables a dry and very accurate test method.

Test object

From practice

Helium leak test for hybride gearboxes using fully automated helium sniffing process
Technical specifications
  • Effective cycle time: 45 seconds
  • Capacity: 80 parts per hour
  • Test pressure: 100 mbar at −500 mbar vacuum in the gearbox
  • Leak rate: 1 ⋅ 10−2 mbar ⋅ l/s
Helium leak test – hybrid gear boxes
Technical specifications
  • Effective cycle time: 140 seconds
  • Capacity: 25 parts / h
  • Test pressure: 300 mbar
  • Leakage rate: 3,6 · 10−3 mbar · l/s
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