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New international partners – MACEAS worldwide!

MACEAS is expanding its international network and will be represented by new partners in several countries in the future. These partnerships strengthen our global presence and enable us to offer our customers an improved service.

In Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, MACEAS will be represented by MAS Services. MAS Services brings extensive regional expertise and supports us in offering our services effectively in these countries.

In Japan, MACEAS is now represented by K.K. IRISU. With its experience and in-depth knowledge of the market, K.K. IRISU is an important partner for our expansion there.

In France, MACEAS is represented by Enerfast. Enerfast is characterized by its innovative strength and reliability, which will further strengthen our market position in France.

These new partnerships are an important step in the international orientation of MACEAS and will help to optimize our service worldwide

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