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Innovations – for machines but also for the environment

We develop and build innovative machines and devices that work economically and as efficiently as possible. At the same time, we also take responsibility for our environment and the nature in which we all live. We have initiated various projects for this purpose.

Adebar’s house

In the past, more and more stork nests disappeared from our region. Nesting sites and wet meadows fell victim to the land consolidation. For several years now there have been various initiatives to create more living space and nesting places for the storks. Therefore, a stork’s nest was built on the site at the beginning of 2016.

While no residents settled the nest in the first year. In the following years there were initially unsuccessful attempts at breeding and this year the stork couple Happy & Hope has settled in the nest to start a new stork family.

Wildflower meadow

Insects are an important part of biodiversity. The monocultures destroyed the important food sources and habitats for many insect species. This also has an impact on the animal species, which in turn feed on the insects. The creation of wildflower meadows helps to increase biodiversity again. In 2019, we therefore converted lawns into wildflower meadows in several places, which offer space for wild bees, butterflies and other insects.

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